Custom PlayStation 4 PS4 Home Buttons – 98 Popular Styles to CHOOSE FROM!! READ!

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Sony PS4 Home Buttons – 98 Popular Styles CHOOSE YOUR HOME BUTTON!!! PLEASE READ! You can now choose your guide button from the list below. #01.Caution! ZOMBIE #02. Red Zombie Hand #03. Alien – V1 #04. Alien – V2 #05. Marijuana – V1 #06. Marijuana – V2 #07. White Skull – V1 #08. Kitty –

Sony PS4 Home Buttons – 98 Popular Styles CHOOSE YOUR HOME BUTTON!!! PLEASE READ! You can now choose your guide button from the list below. #01.Caution! ZOMBIE #02. Red Zombie Hand #03. Alien – V1 #04. Alien – V2 #05. Marijuana – V1 #06. Marijuana – V2 #07. White Skull – V1 #08. Kitty – V1 #09. “S” #10. Spider #11. Wolverine – V1 #12. Reactor – V1 #13. Reactor – V2 #14. Battleshield #15. Lantern – V1 #16. Lantern – V2 #17. Bat vs. S #18. Joker #19. Riddle #20. Nightwing #21. Deadpool – V1 #22. Deadpool – V2 #23. Umbrella #24. Red Ball #25. Bolt #26. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) #27. TLU #28. Wolfenstein #29. Red Crest #30. Bat – V2 #31. Green Skull #32. MK – V1 #33. Turtles #34. Alien – V3 #35. (DISCONTINUED) #36. Hot Pink Bat #37. Bat – V3 #38. Bat – V4 #39. Nightwing #40. Bat – V5 #41. Aqua – V1 #42. Aqua – V2 #43. Deadpool – V3 #44. Harley Quinn #45. Alien V4 #46. Alien V5 #47. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) #48. Jugger Nog – V1 #49. Marijuana – V3 #50. Creeper #51. Eyeball – V1 #52. Eyeball – V2 #53. Eyeball – V3 #54. MK – V2 #55. “S” – V1 #56. “S” – V2 #57. Biohazard – V1 #58. Biohazard – V2 #59. Biohazard – V3 #60. Radioactive Fallout – V1 #61. Radioactive Fallout – V2 #62. Radioactive Fallout – V3 #63. Burning Skull #64. Kitty – V2 #65. Kitty – V3 #66. Warring God #67. Thumbs Up “Deadpool” #68. Jugger Nog – V2 #69. Stormtrooper #70. Thumbs Up “Vault Boy” #71. Uchiha Clan Symbol #72. Akatsuki Cloud Symbol #73. Konoha Leaf Village Symbol #74. Uzumaki Clan Symbol #75. Widow #76. Marijuana – V4 #77. Wolverine – V2 #78. Star Trek – V1 #79. Star Trek – V2 #80. Dying Light Zombie #81. Army of the Dead Zombie #82. Rainbow – V1 #83. Rainbow – V2 #84. MG Fox Hound #85. Pink Play Bunny #86. Boy Robin #87. Borderlands #88. II – V1 #89. II – V2 #90. III #91. Kitty – V4 #92. Inferno Skull #93. Angry Vault Boy #94. Thor’s Hammer #95. Thunder Cat #96. Smiley Face #97. Motor Sports #98. Cash Sign IMPORTANT READ! ** Please specify the HOME BUTTON of your choice at checkout in the Instruction Field to the Seller. EACH HOME BUTTON is priced at $16.55. You will not receive 98 HOME BUTTONS as pictured for a mere $16.55. Your purchase will be immediately refunded if you fail to make a selection or attempt to extort us of 98 HOME buttons and you will be blocked from making future purchases from us. You will also be reported to eBay. ** Completed purchases are shipped 7 business days from the date of payment (Note: It costs $2.60 per First Class shipping label). The longer handling time is to ensure your purchased item(s) are defect free prior to shipping them to you. Also, we do not compile stock for this product. They are handcrafted and produced upon completed purchasing. Thank you for your understanding and happy shopping!!! ** (Please, no requests for design changes or customization requests prior to or at Checkout. All Designs are FINAL and customization services are offered in our store for purchasing).** Customize your controller with “AAA” Quality custom buttons. Why buy here? There are 4 Reasons you should buy here: 1. The price is right! You don’t have to pay more for better. 😉 2. The images are detailed and the colors are bold! (I provide lighted macro photography shots for the item you purchase. A flash of light or studio lamp lighting reflects off the shiny surface of the buttons at times or the lens will spot the smallest of dust particles on the buttons surface, these are not defects.) 3. Each button is hand refined during the final production process to remove excess resin and tested in our dummy controllers before shipping. However, due to it’s properties, tiny air bubbles may form inside the buttons. Also know that newer controller shells have been noted to have inconsistencies like smaller button holes. *If this is a problem for you, our product is not for you and please do not purchase. As we can not predict which shell you are in ownership of for your customization needs.* 4. Your purchase is covered under the EBAY BUYER PROTECTION and a NO HASSLE 14 DAY RETURN POLICY! SPECIAL NOTE: WE REQUIRE THE RETURN OF THE ITEM(S) CLAIMED AS RECEIVED DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE BEFORE A REPLACEMENT ITEM(S) ARE SHIPPED TO YOU OR FOR A FULL REFUND. ACTIONS WHICH EXPECT OR DEMAND A REPLACEMENT OR REFUND WITHOUT RETURNING THE ITEM(S) ARE SHADY. WE MAY REQUIRE A CLEAR PHOTO OF THE ITEM(S) FOR OUR REVIEW AND FOR THE ASSISTANCE OF EBAY. BECAUSE SEVERAL CUSTOMERS HAVE FALSELY MADE DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE CLAIMS, WE ARE TAKING PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. IF YOU CAN NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY, OUR PRODUCT IS NOT FOR YOU. ******WE ARE FOR FAIR TRADINGS!!!****** _______________________________________________________________________________________ VERY IMPORTANT READ ***Ebay Members with 10 Feedback or Less must get our APPROVAL prior to making a purchase or the order will be cancelled and funds returned. NO EXCEPTIONS.*** We know that not everyone is easily satisfied. So we invest hard work into every product and exhaust every acceptable solution to make your shopping experience awesome! We humbly ask should you have a concern regarding your transaction to please contact us before leaving neutral or negative feedback. Bad Feedback left without attempting to inform a seller of your concern is SHADY and VINDICTIVE. We have no problem with favorably resolving your concern. Furthermore, we’re strongly opinionated that bad feedback left without you contacting us for replacement or a full refund of the returned item(s) as a solution is unacceptable and will result in you being PERMANENTLY BLOCKED from making purchases at buffydassslayermodzzz. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OUR SERVICES AND TO REFUND YOUR PURCHASE IN FULL FOR ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING REASONS: 1. You have 10 feedbacks or less. 2. You have submitted more than a combined total of 2 Negative & Neutral Feedbacks for eBay Sellers within 6 months. 3. You live within the States that we are no longer shipping to. 4. If your eBay Purchasing activity has been fundamentally inactive prior to purchasing from our store, we can refuse and refund your purchase(s). No one is PERFECT, but we certainly want to provide excellent customer services and high quality products for lasting relationships with our customers. We’re available 7 days per week for all inquiries and concerns. Thank you for your understanding and happy shopping!!! “Because you’re legendary, why play with a controller that’s just damn ordinary?! Get your original controller parts custom made by BuffydASSslayermodzzz. Remember the name.” *Payment is due 2 days after the close of auction. Non-paying bidders will be reported to eBay and regrettably blocked from making future purchases.* *WE’RE NO LONGER SHIPPING TO MISSISSIPPI, PENNSYLVANIA OR KENTUCKY INDEFINITELY* ***THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO GROW***


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